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Our UX Design curriculum is designed to give you a full understanding of user experience processes, methodologies, tools, and techniques — empowering you to create user-friendly solutions to achieve growth.

In our training programme, you will be challenged to demonstrate understanding and mastery of essential skills for user experience design. You will learn interviewing techniques, acquire new portfolio projects and develop personal skills in networking and case study presentation.

Practical Guide to User Experience Design
The Foundations of UX include how to work as a team of one or a team of many within an organization. This domain explores design methods and processes that enable you to evangelize the value of UX and bring a strong UX culture to any company.

User Experience Design and Usability Methods
you’ll learn about generative research and developing requirements. We will also cover defining problems, be exploring market fit for a product or service, be outlining business and user goals, and design thinking. We will cover how to choose the right tools and methods for evaluative research, usability testing, and other forms for measuring effectiveness.

Advanced User Experience Design and Usability Methods
You will learn how to create personas, journey maps and other deliverables for synthesizing data and qualitative research. Within this domain, we will cover standard deliverables such as sitemaps, wireframing, and prototyping. We will also look at presenting concepts and ideas to stakeholders in various formats to more effectively lead teams through the design process.


“I get to see the potential of our products going online. The program very helpful and given entrepreneurs to learn more and do better in our business and industry.”
Liang Foo Kuan, Managing Director of Big Onion Food Caterer Sdn Bhd

Benefits from the GrowthX Academy Community forever. Embrace continuous learning by engaging with our learning community.

The GrowthX Academy community consists of student peers, instructors, mentors, investors, founders, startups and GrowthX Academy Events. You’ll be immersed in this community and be able to connect and contribute to it forever.

Career Development & Business Growth. Embrace growth mindset to set yourself apart.

We focus on your career starting on Day 1! Your instructors, career coach and mentors will work with you on the GrowthX Academy career funnel. The career funnel is our proprietary process and toolkit that helps you find that perfect job and career.

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