5 Common Sales Problems & Recommended Solutions
August 23, 2018

5 Common Sales Problems & Recommended Solutions

Alice Foong

Sales not enough? Struggling to boost stagnant sales? Unable to convert your identified prospects? When your sales are stagnant or growing in a slower pace than you expected, you should identify likely causes and find out the possible solutions to address these issues. Here are some tips for your reference:

Long Sales Cycles Affecting Closing Rate

There are many factors causing long sales cycles, but the need for agreement between client and you is significant. Accomplishing an accord deal implies having sales material every partner identifies with. You cannot force prospects into decisions, but you can put in efforts to ensure your brand is “top of mind” when they are prepared to purchase. Make sure you have the follow-up process in place, so you can meet-up with your prospects where they are throughout their exploration and research, regardless how long it takes.

Funnels Too Small

Promotions helps, and it is essentially critical for new webstores or new websites. Ads spending will be high, and it will bring you limited sales volume. Hence, you will need more affordable traffic to generate a bigger acquisition funnel. In other words, you need to leverage on SEO and zero cost social media. Content marketing is a key! You will need to prepare some useful contents that helps your prospects to bring in high web traffic. It brings in huge number of visitors, some of whom opt into your e-Newsletter and some of which purchase from you.

Wrong Marketing Messaging towards Your Different Buyer Personas

Your company’s marketing collaterals can supply you with a constant flow of qualified prospects – however they must contain the right messaging you want to send out to your different groups of customers and incorporate the lessons you have learned about your customers. You need to review your sales and marketing materials and look for gaps. It is significant to ensure your promotional content reflects all the different buyer personas and use cases you have turned out to be mindful of by talking directly to prospects and target customers.

Ineffective Sales and Prospecting Email Marketing

Email is quick, convenient, and everything but free – so figuring out how to utilize it as a marketing tool will make your life easier. In the event too few of your emails are getting answered, you will need to make some adjustments. Address the problems or challenges your prospects care about. You always need to create value for your prospects, leads and customers.

Identified Prospects Not Moving Toward Sales Calls

So, you have loads of prospects yet they simply not moving forward. Possibly you can see them on your analytics suite, reading pages however not reacting. Perhaps they are sitting on your mailing list, clicking but not making a move. You should simplify the process by making lesser steps for prospects to respond. Do consider some automation features, such as chatbots, that can help you capture your prospect questions and link them up with your experienced sales team fast. Not to forget, make sure your sales team is communicating new offers and promotions to your mailing list.

Good luck in boosting your sales!

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