Commercialising your innovation

We operate as your Market Development Team, working hand-in-hand with technology and product development teams, and business unit management, to commercialize innovative products. We’ve adapted our professionally developed curriculum to help our clients design and deploy continuous learning programs to attract, develop and retain top innovation talent and close the innovation skills gap.

Innovation is not born market-ready. Companies launching new products must follow a market development process that unfolds through the give-and-take between the company and its customers. Conventional corporate wisdom fails to address the challenges involved in creating markets for unfamiliar products: the time requires to educate customers and learn how they will use it, the inevitable design modifications to satisfy customers, and the development of a repeatable sales model.

The GrowthX Market Acceleration Program (MXP) helps companies develop, test and validate hypotheses at every stage of the market development process. That equates to less time and capital required to learn whether and when you can achieve product-market fit.


“GrowthX is not only an eye-opener for start-ups, but especially if you are a professional in a large organisation you will be amazed about the simple but powerful tools and methods that GrowthX offers you.

You will do business in a different way than before. I highly recommend anybody who wants to grow a business to GrowthX.”
Daniel Schweizer,
Innovation Lead, Faurecia

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