Achieve rapid growth to your bottomline

In this hands-on programme, you will learn how to acquire high quality traffic through channels including search engine advertising, organic content and community building to achieve your company’s goals. We will go through key Growth Marketing frameworks, Growth Mindset & Metrics that help your business grow.

Growth Frameworks, Funnels and Metrics
Understanding human psychology and behaviour
Growth marketing mindset
Growth marketing frameworks
Funnel development
Rapid experimentation

Growth Optimisation and Strategies
Facebook, Google and Instagram marketing
Lean analytics
Content marketing
Marketing automation
Developing your Ideal Customer Profile
Customer journey mapping

Advanced Technical Growth Marketing
Landing page optimisation
Conversion optimisation
Split testing
Advance ad operations
Putting together the strategy
Big data analytics


“We achieved 150% growth after attending GrowthX classes. It is really practical and we went deep into our product together to improve it.”
Isaac Leong, Co-founder and CEO, Kumoten

Benefits from the GrowthX Academy Community forever. Embrace continuous learning by engaging with our learning community.

The GrowthX Academy community consists of student peers, instructors, mentors, investors, founders, startups and GrowthX Academy Events. You’ll be immersed in this community and be able to connect and contribute to it forever.

Career Development & Business Growth. Embrace growth mindset to set yourself apart.

We focus on your career starting on Day 1! Your instructors, career coach and mentors will work with you on the GrowthX Academy career funnel. The career funnel is our proprietary process and toolkit that helps you find that perfect job and career.

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