Structured Approach to Innovation

Date: 24th to 25th June 2020 | Venue: GrowthX Academy, Kuala Lumpur


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About this Program
Design thinking takes a human-centered design-based approach to helping organizations innovate and grow. Design thinking draws inspiration from deep empathy of human needs and the process brings about changes to the way we solve complex problems through intuitive collaboration in generating ideas and concepts for rapid experimentation. The iterative process allows for adaptation and pivoting to workable solutions for implementation.

This workshop will focus on inspiring and empowering participants to develop own creative capacity and ability to create change in both personal and work routines through a structured innovation approach, Design Thinking.

The workshop aims to unleash the creative potential within each participant through an introduction of a structured approach to innovation. 

Some of the learning objectives include:
• To learn a step-by- step process on how to innovate.
• To learn behavioural values and mindset needed to be more innovative.  
• To learn to grasp new insights and reimagine new possibilities to the challenges they face.

Skill Area
• Innovation Management
• Change Management
• Product Development
• Service Innovation

Programme Methodology
The training workshop is designed as a two-day (2) workshop, delivering design thinking fundamentals to participants in order to enhance their ability to drive innovation within their respective organizations.  The workshop will be a hands-on, activity-based workshop that will take participants through one full design cycle anchored on a real-world project challenge.

Each participant will experience the full cycle of design thinking through a series of learning activities.  At the end of the workshop, all participants will be expected to apply what they have learned in their individual work routines.

Outcomes of the Program
Upon completion of the workshop, the participants are expected to gain understanding of:
• Problem solving skills. Approach problems in a systematic manner yet think outside the box.
• Entrepreneurial mindset. Enjoy trying new things. Do not see the risk of failing as a threat, but an opportunity to learn and progress. 
• Customer empathy. Take a customer perspective. Better at listening to customers, and then selling to them. 
• Experimentation skills. Experiment at earliest stages to learn what works and what doesn’t.
• Collaboration skills. Able to work together in multi-disciplinary teams to achieve common goal.

Course Outline:
• Design Thinking Overview
– Overview understanding of Design Thinking
• Empathy Fieldwork – To conduct field interviews to gain empathy
• Synthesis – To synthesize interview findings and identify insights
• Definition of Point-of-View – To reframe design challenge based on synthesis
• Ideation – To generate ideas to solve problem
• Prototype – To develop prototype on selected idea(s)
• Testing – To conduct field testing of prototype(s) in order to determine feedback on selected idea(s)
• Iteration – Based on feedback, iterate the idea(s)
• Application at Work -To determine how can be applied at workplace
• Reflection – To share learnings of the workshop

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“After attended the training program, I have better online presence, new e-commerce store and better online sales. The program is good, should organize more courses like this. I hope there will be a follow-up course for second phase, perhaps focusing on case studies amongst students.”
Angeline Choo, Bio Tree Biotechnology Sdn Bhd

Our Instructor

Carol Wong started her career in consulting with Ernst & Young (EY) in 1988 and she decided to opt for early retirement from the EY partnership end of 2011 when she joined Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) where she started her foray into innovation management.

During her tenure in AIM, she was responsible in the introduction of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program for implementation at all public schools, and the development of 21st Century Skills and Competencies framework. The framework was subsequently developed into on-line courses of which the first draft was introduced to the Ministry of Education. She was PEMANDU Lead Lab Facilitator for Curriculum & Assessment sub-lab, one of the modules of the Education Transformation Blueprint. Carol is also a certified HRDF trainer.

In addition, AIM appointed her as the Chief Executive Officer leading the set up and management of Genovasi, an institution with programs focused on the cultivation of innovation competencies through the adoption of design-driven innovation process. She took less than six months to operationalize the concept of setting up Malaysia’s pioneer Design Thinking School by early 2013.

By the end of her tenure on 31 December 2015, Genovasi has trained over 2,500 participants in Design Thinking and related programs and worked on over 50 real world project challenges with over 30 project partners from various industries. Some innovative ideas generated in the programs were subsequently converted into new business start-ups and some have adopted the techniques to enhance existing business strategies or processes.

Leveraging on her design thinking experience, she currently conducts regular design thinking workshops and advises clients in development of Exponential Organizations, business model development, strategy planning, human capital management and organization change management. In addition, Carol ventures into Big Data Analytics advisory services because she believes in leveraging on deep learning of people emotions and motivations (using design thinking process) will make advanced analytics implementation as a way to innovate companies.

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Date: 24th to 25th June 2020
Venue: GrowthX Academy, Kuala Lumpur

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