Catalysing corporate innovation

Innovation advisory helping corporations commercialise innovation, recruit and train market development talent, scout startups and implement corporate venture capital best-practices. Corporate investing helps companies identify strategic risks and stay ahead of disruption.

Companies with existing products and recognizable market and mind share mistakenly employ the same processes used to increase existing product revenue when focused on corporate innovation and working to launch a new innovative product. They also turn to emerging managers with a track record of following corporate processes and mitigating risk.

We leverage our expertise and global relationships to help our clients deploy corporate venture capital to achieve financial and strategic objectives.


“I’m a fan of all things GrowthX. One obvious place [for corporates] to learn is Silicon Valley. After all, every start-up is a new product, service or solution going to market; essentially the same idea-to-value process large organizations are hoping to emulate.”
Greg Orme
Centre for Creative Business, London Business School

We've consulted SMEs and global MNCs From Bridgestone to London Business School, GrowthX has experience consulting hundreds of cokmpanies.

The GrowthX Consultants are highly experienced in diverse industries. They have diverse backgrounds in business, corporate & startups.

Growth & Innovation Mindset. Embrace forward thinking growth for your organization.

Find areas you need to improve on in your organization & propel forward with creative & practical solutions from GrowthX.

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