Market development expertise

The cost and complexity of product development has been drastically reduced and has become more predictable. Consequently, the biggest risk for most startups has shifted from prototyping a product to getting it to market.

While many programs aim to help companies to develop products and raise funds, our Business Growth helps entrepreneurs and executives to develop markets and raise revenue. Our training programme is designed to help companies to identify scalable and profitable sources of revenue generation by developing, testing and validate various market hypotheses. The goal of  is to guide sales and business development teams to true product-market fit fast and reduce the time and capital required get there.

Discovering Your Customer
Growth mindset
Business frameworks
Rapid experimentation
Customer persona mapping
Market readiness assessment
Unique selling proposition / unique value proposition
Product-market fit
Fundamentals of user experience design

Measuring and Reaching Your Customers
Frameworks and Strategies
Social media and content marketing
Lean analytics
SPIN, BANT and Conversational Frameworks
Lean business canvas
Sales and marketing operations
Business modelling
UX design research and principles
UX analysis and synopsis

Measuring Results and Learning from Your Customers
Marketing optimisation
Metrics and measurement


“After attended the training program, I have better online presence, new e-commerce store and better online sales. The program is good, should organize more courses like this. I hope there will be a follow-up course for second phase, perhaps focusing on case studies amongst students.”
Angeline Choo, Bio Tree Biotechnology Sdn Bhd

Benefits from the GrowthX Academy Community forever. Embrace continuous learning by engaging with our learning community.

The GrowthX Academy community consists of student peers, instructors, mentors, investors, founders, startups and GrowthX Academy Events. You’ll be immersed in this community and be able to connect and contribute to it forever.

Career Development & Business Growth. Embrace growth mindset to set yourself apart.

We focus on your career starting on Day 1! Your instructors, career coach and mentors will work with you on the GrowthX Academy career funnel. The career funnel is our proprietary process and toolkit that helps you find that perfect job and career.

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