We are GrowthX

Our training programmes are designed by industry experts in the Silicon Valley. Our Silicon Valley-trained instructors conduct the training in an immersive classroom environment at GrowthX Academy.

Our Core Values. We are building long-term, healthy relationships. We are doing this by being transparent and intentional, knowing that everything communicates. We think of this as living in congruence with our community.

People First

Innovative products, disruptive technology, big ideas, and massive addressable markets all come second. People come first. We are drawn to the human connection. Building and maintaining those relationships far outweighs the returns of any single transaction.


Trust is the foundation of all of our relationships. We earn trust through each interaction, both interpersonally and as members of a community. We hug elephants because we want to foster an environment of open communications, risk taking, a diversity of perspectives and the willingness to share out.

Professional Will

Our professional will fortifies us and drives our resolve to build an enduring company and to be of lasting service to our community.

Exponential Thinking

Take 30 linear steps and you end up 30 meters away; take 30 exponential steps and you end circling the planet 26 times! This is the impact we are trying to make. We want the step that we take together with our community to have an impact that is double the previous generation.

Respectful and Inclusive

Everyone should have equal opportunity to actively contribute and participate to their fullest potential. We take everyone seriously. We are aware of the pitfalls of an echo chamber. We listen respectfully and challenge disrespectful behaviors.


We treat every interaction as an opportunity. Therefore, we are grateful and we express our gratitude. By doing so, we remain mindful of our good fortune. Gratefulness reinforces our other core values and helps us stay true to them, even during challenging times.

Mentors at GrowthX Academy. Our mentors bring with them depth and width of industry experience in growing successful business.

Ganesh Kumar Bangah

Founder & Executive Chairman of Commerce DotAsia / Founder of MOL

Dr. Tom Tan

E-Commerce and Online Customer Behaviour Specialist

Stanley Lim

CEO of SiteGiant

Will Bunker

Founder of Match.com

Justin Law

Head of Engineering, WeWork

Faisal Hourani

Founder of WebMedic

Khairul Syafiq

Marketing Manager, Photobook Worldwide

Low Vway Huan

Social Media Marketing, Photobook Worldwide

Maverick Foo

Content Marketing Strategist

Gerald Lee

General Manager, Red Bull Malaysia

Our Silicon Valley-trained instructors. Our instructors specialises in training entrepreneurs to scale and next generation professionals to level up their careers.

Dr. Tom Tan
Business Growth
Travis Lim
Growth Marketing
Lim Yung Hui
UI/UX Design

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